Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shoe Addict

We are homies now.  I figure its been a little over two years that I've had this blog and I feel like I can be honest with you. You know about my exes, my boring law school life and my theories of love but I've never told you my deep dark secret.  I'm going to let it out today because I figure if we are going to grow, I gotta be honest ...

Well, sigh, here we go ...


There, I said it, woo sah.

Sometimes when I get new shoes I tweet it, but instead of doing that, I've decided to blog about it.  It really started because I got my first semester grades today and being an emotional shopper, I had to spend some cash to calm my nerves.  I knew I was dead wrong to go up to Shoe Woo at Union Station but I couldn't help myself.  That's when I saw these:

Boutique 9 Genarose Animal Print

Yea, I stopped breathing too.  They are a smidgen too big but when I stand up I think that they are an ok fit.

 If they were any smaller I may have circulation issues (I have wide feet).  Well, let me go ahead and show you  what I've acquired over the semester due to stress.  I cope with stress by shopping and well ... as you can see ... I was stressed.

Steve Madden Korset Boot

Enzo Angiolini Gray Pumps

Enzo Angiolini Suede Gray Ankle Boots

Bandalino Cream Slouch Boots
(they call them gray in the store PSHAW)

I don't limit my retail therapy to shoes though.  Here are two of the MANY purses I bought:

Rina's awesome Christmas present to me:

Comfiest Pair of House Shoes EVER

I bought all of these within the last three months.  I usually by a pair a week but I've been holding back.  I'm actually awaiting the release of a pair of spiky heels  on 2/5 from top shop, been stalking them for a while now.  I'm very excited ... and now you see my problem.  I'm addicted. I am all about the shoes.  I own around 100 pairs (seriously, I do give stuff to the salvation army btw) ... yea, I'm trying to get like HER *  ... well not really ... maybe.

And because I take a lot of pictures on my blackberry, some randoms:

Racist Cookies

Rina's Christmas Present from me (Redskins v Giants)

Graffiti at Brookland Metro Station

Festivus celebration announcement in Adams Morgan:

And me in my ruffle cardigan (yet another purchase --I stay at H&M, I know I have a problem)

Oh and my new favorite website: ... you can shop by heel height and as you can see, its usually at least 3 inch heels for me (I prefer 4+).

- Tha Management (ThaMgmt via Twitter)

*another article on HER - sigh, my momma calls me Imelda sometimes


Rina said...

1) i member the days of you wearing sneakers everyday(can you say Sacouny's? lol)so i laugh when i think about how far you've come!

B) if we were the same size you'd NEVER see those korset Steve Maddens!

3) whoever talks ish about those lovely comfy slippers is a BUM! (ahem ahem lol =)


5) you must never want me to do work. awesomeness.

Daenel said...

Oh, girl, I love those shoes! I firmly believe in retail therapy too.

Style Bent said...

I will take shoes over chocolate any day as a stress reliever. I'm in a similar state of over abundance after donating an entire bag full this year. Shoo Woo has mended my weeping spirit on many occasions.

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